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Weaver Shipyard Ely Marine Ltd.

Use the Brokerage link for a full listing of boats currently for sale at Ely

There are no boats for sale at Weaver Shipyard, Northwich.

We offer a wide range of facilities including :-

        • Boat storage - open & undercover, up to 10ft draught
        • Stay aboard moorings
        • Long term self-build and restoration projects
        • Design, Fabrication & Repair in Wood, GRP and Steel
        • Painting in conventional and 2-pack systems, Epoxy hull coating, Blacking
        • Osmosis treatment & prevention (Gelcoat peeling & Hotvac)
        • Boat & equipment transport
        • Electronics & Navigation - system integration
        • Chandlers & Brokerage 

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Manchester Ship Canal Approved Examiner

For further information please fill in the on-line form or contact us at :-

Jalsea Marine Services Ltd.
Weaver Shipyard

Off - Darwin Street
Cheshire CW8 1LB

Tel.        01606 77870
FAX       01606 784455

Email: info@jalsea.co.uk


Ely Marine Ltd.
Cathedral Marina
Cambs. CB7 4AU

Tel.     01353 664622
FAX    01353 669459

Email: info@cathedralmarina.co.uk

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